flat fee listings

why pay a percentage?

There is no direct correlation between the value of your home and cost of a listing. So why do most agents charge a percentage fee? Because it’s hard to predict, and thereby hard to price, exactly how much marketing it will take to sell a home. Charging a percentage takes that pressure off the listing agent, but it often costs the seller money.

We’ve come up with a solution you’re going to love: a defined listing efficiently designed to rapidly sell most homes as quickly as possible for as little money as possible, without sacrificing quality!

If it doesn’t get immediate results and you decide you’d like more marketing, you can add on one-time services such as Broker Open Houses.

Our Strategy

An Easy To Find, Professional Online Listing

In today's market, house shopping web services have extensive search features that make it easy for buyers and agents to shop specifically for what they're looking for. That only works if your house is accurately listed and optimized for searches.

Reach Out To The Right Realtors

Data analysis can tell us exactly which agents are most likely to sell your home, which gives us the biggest edge available in modern marketing: a well defined audience.

Make It Easy for agents to Sell

Buyer's agents are the backbone of the U.S. housing market. Their efforts are required for the sale of over 80% of homes. By knowing how to make their job easy, we can greatly increase the likelihood of a sale, thereby reducing your days on market.

Maximum Value Marketing

Our Marketing Strategy Is Backed By Data

Data is lifeblood at InvestOKC, and we used data to formulate the optimal selling experience at the lowest cost. Professionally and accurately marketing a home to other professionals online is the most efficient way to sell a home in the modern world.

The modern real estate listing starts in an MLS and is then syndicated to other online home shopping web services. Most home shoppers look online as their first search method, and use online listings to inform and narrow their search. The majority of home shoppers (both online and not) contact an agent to facilitate their purchase. Combining the power of an accurate and informative online listing marketed specifically to professional agents is a winning strategy to sell your home!

Buyers who useD the internet to buy a home


Buyers who bought a home through an agent


2020 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

two flavors of flat-fee listings

Pre-defined expectations for professional marketing at a fixed cost.

Listings for real estate pros. Maximum reach, minimum cost.