Full Service Listings - Starting at $3000

Marketing Sells Homes

Do you really know what goes into a successful listing? We are able to confidently offer listings at flat rates because we’ve done the work to define a process and service that will get your home sold with as few man hours as possible. We operate under a team based model where everyone in the office is responsible for the sale of every home. This has allowed us to diversify our skill sets in ways that allow us to offer uniquely valuable services not often found at real estate agencies.​

We Bring A Diverse Set of Skills

Market and Price Analysis

Listing your home at the correct price from the beginning can save you time in both days on market and in negotiations. Let our analysts help you choose a listing price informed by market data.

Digital Marketing

44% of buyers shop online before they ever look at a house in person. Our marketing department will help make sure that your home's digital impact leads to interest from serious prospective buyers.

Construction Estimation

If your home isn't completely updated, no worries! Our team can provide complete estimates of work that can help inform both price and negotiations.

Process Automation

Our focus on efficient, repeatable marketing processes makes it easy for us to save ourselves time and save you money using modern automation.

Contract Negotiation

Effective online marketing can save you man hours and money, but there's no substitute for expert negotiating when it comes time to finalize a contract. Our full-service listings include expert contract negotiations and oversight from our managing broker.

Transaction Management

The exchange of real estate can require lots of paperwork and communication between different parties. Leave all of that in expert hands - we'll manage your transaction from initial listing all the way through closing.

Keep more of your equity

We are constantly working to maximize the value our services delivered to our clients because we believe you shouldn’t give up any more of your equity than necessary.

Whether it’s by lowering your days on market, lowering the time to sell, lowering the time to close or negotiating price, let our experts ensure that every task in your home selling process is completed by the most qualified professional on staff. Put our skills to work for you.