Entry only listings - Starting at $1000

Listings Designed For Unlicensed Real Estate Pros

Traditionally, entry-only listings are seen as a discount service reserved for those willing to sacrifice quality to potentially save money. We’re here to change that. We believe you can save money and still maintain the quality of a professional listing. Let our team of professionals list your home for less.

What You Get

An Accurate, Attractive listing

The modern functionalities of home shopping web services are only impactful if your house is accurately listed and optimized for online searches.

An Obstacle-free Sales Path

Data analysis can tell us exactly which buyer's agents are most likely to sell your home, which gives us the biggest edge available in modern marketing: a well defined audience.

The Systems and resources needed for success

Our entry-only listings come with access to a web based resources designed to guide you through the steps of a transaction easily, from filling out and signing a contract to preparing for closing day. And if you still need a little help our team is available for consulting.

Talk to a rep

If you want to lower your listing cost, lower your days on market and increase the quality of your prospective buyers, give us a call now.