distressed property acquisitions

Intelligent Investing

Whether it’s your first time investing in OKC or your hundredth, it’s important to have clear expectations of what you consider a deal worth purchasing. If you set your standards too low, you may end up with a portfolio that’s subpar. If you set your standards too high, you could end up wasting time and never purchasing a single property. Clear and reasonable criteria are paramount to success in real estate investing.

We are uniquely well-suited to point you to the best deal for you, which tends to vary widely from investor to investor when you start taking into consideration things like criteria, financing terms, experience, and preferences.

Our database allows us to help you not only weed out properties that don’t make sense, but to then point you to the best investments by letting you see and sort by our data-driven analysis.

Where do we find our deals?

MLS Listings

You often hear that there aren't any good deals on the MLS. In our experience, nothing could be further from the truth. All you need is the right level of access, an all-enveloping analysis system, and consistent 24/7 analysis. Sound exhausting? We've got you covered.


The wholesaler landscape is always changing. We are on the lists of all the top wholesalers in Oklahoma. When we get sent a deal, we analyze it ourselves independently and pass them on to you only when they fit your criteria.


Our business model puts us in a unique position to market directly to sellers of distressed properties. When we do, we always offer the deals up to our clients first to potentially save the sellers the cost of listing their home.

Median Stats on Our Rental Sales from 2019

0 %
Rent to Total Deal Cost

Upgrade your 1% rule today by moving into a market that pays! This is only the median value – we can often hit 2% in some markets.

75 %
Cost to Value After Rehab

Looking to BRRR? If you’re working with an LTV from 70%-100%, we’ve got you covered. We have the data to help you predict how much money you’ll leave in at the end of the day and how much you’ll cash flow. 

Average Stats on Our Flip Sales from 2019

$ 30000
Equity After Rehab

This number reflects before-sale equity. Convert as much of that equity to profit as possible by using one of our flat fee listings services.

$ 120000
Rehab + Purchase Cost

We can consistently deliver flips that sell at or near the median home value in the state of Oklahoma, allowing you to sell to the largest buyer pool in the state.

Your trusted ally


Working with us gives you not only the added safety and peace of mind that comes with working with a licensed agent, but also the transparency of working with a company that strives to be the most ethical in the industry.


By charging a transparent flat rate for nearly all of our services and avoiding shady double closings, you will get the best deal possible as well as the peace of mind that the seller isn't being taken advantage of.


We believe so strongly in charging a fair commission for our services that we will give you back any amount of money offered over and above our flat rate by the seller at closing. This allows you to make higher offers, get more deals, and make more money.

Find your next investment property

Let our systems do the work for you. You’re just one short phone call away from your next step to financial freedom.