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12809 NE 36th St, Spencer, OK 73084

Property Details and Calculations

This newly renovated and rented property is now up for grabs to real estate investors looking for their next turn-key.

This property is currently leased for $850 on a 12 month lease expiring August 30th, 2021. The lease must be honored.

Due to the fact that there is a tenant in place, we will not be accepting showing requests until contract terms are agreed upon. 

If you have any questions about this property or real estate investing in general, you can reach us here.

Recent Updates Include:

This property is owned by licensed real estate agents, license #172603 and #184229. The listing agent has interest in the property. Co-agent is related to seller, license #180676.

$ 100000

List Price

$ 600

Current Rent

8 %

Cap Rate*






Square Feet**


Year Built

*Cap rate was calculated by dividing the Net Operating Income of $6,645 from a Total Purchase Price of $71,268. NOI includes $900 a year for insurance, 8% for property management (current rate), 5% for vacancy, 3% for repairs, and 5% for capital expenditures. Total Purchase Price includes List Price, $450 for inspections, and $818 as a rough estimate of Title Costs at OCA Lakeside.

**Quoted square footage is from the Oklahoma County Tax Assessor. 

3D Floor Plan

NOTE: The panoramic photos can sometimes take a minute or two to load onto that page linked above. Clicking through the photo thumbnails at the bottom of the page typically will get them to load up if they don’t do so automatically. Once they load you can click and drag to pan around the rooms, and you can click the thumbnails at the bottom or the pins on the floorplan at the top right to move through locations.

Listing Photos

*Listing Photos were taken before the current tenant moved in.

Neighborhood Information

At InvestOKC Realty, we use Census Tract boundaries to identify and provide analysis of neighborhoods. The following sections contain information related to the Oklahoma County Census Tract 1088.04, which is the census tract that this property falls in.

Learn about using Census Tracts for real estate analysis.

Census Tract Map

Snapshot of Census Tract 1088.04

Listed at 744 sqft, you could be forgiven for thinking this home is unusually small. However, the data below compiled from Oklahoma County Assessor Records clearly shows that this home is within the expected age and size for the area pictured on the map above.

Homes by Square Feet

Homes by Year Built

Homes by Number of Bedrooms

Homes by Number of Bathrooms

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