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All Investment Properties Are Not Equal

Does ensuring you’re making the best purchase decisions possible matter to you? Yeah, us too. But who has the time to ANALYZE EVERY SINGLE PROPERTY ON THE MARKET?! We do. And we do!

We all know some properties will cash flow better than others, and some will appreciate more than others. If you’re someone who can’t stand the idea of missing out on the best deals available, then you’ve come to the right spot.

We have the technology today to change the way you think about real estate investing. What if you could compare any single property to every other property on the market at a moment’s notice? Do you think your portfolio would be better? We do.

Who Are We?

We're Oklahoma's investment property experts

Every neighborhood, home, and investor is unique. This fact, simple as it may be, is responsible for the near infinite permutations of analysis that can be completed on any given property. What would this deal look like on a 15 year amortization, 20 year amortization, 30 year, cash purchase, lease to own, flip, turnkey, BRRR… the list goes on and on, and we’re prepared for it.

We are quite simply the best equipped real estate brokerage in Oklahoma when it comes to helping real estate investors identify, analyze, and purchase investment properties of all shapes and sizes. 

Here are a few of our areas of expertise.

Real estate investment analysis

Real estate market analysis

Distressed Property

Contracts & Negotiations

How We Do it

What makes us different?



There's only one way to be able to truly feel confident that you're making the best purchases possible, and that's by analyzing every property on the market. Using established and emerging technologies, we have built our brokerage around software that allows us to do just that. We're driven by data and technological innovation that brings our clients the best product available.



It's one thing to call yourself an investor-friendly brokerage. It's another thing to say that you don't work with retail clients at all. Acquisitions is our specialty and we only offer acquisition services to real estate investors or owner occupants looking to buy fixer uppers. Whether it's your first or fiftieth investment, you have our full attention.

Distressed Property Experience

Distressed Property Experience

Distressed properties offer the highest returns on investment, but also require experience that can only be gained on the ground, remodeling distressed properties. Our team members have been involved in over 100 distressed property purchases and renovations, and we pass our combined experience along to our clients, offering advice and additional services that can't be found at just any other brokerage.

A Better Business Model

A Better Business Model

We charge a low flat fee for acquisitions because we believe it's the only way to ensure scalability and sustainability for all parties. Greedy middle men can spoil not only deals, but properties and even neighborhoods as well. This is our home and we're here to build it up, not tear it down.

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